About Me


About Me

After two decades of working as a writer and blogger in information technology, photography is also my passion. My foundation as a photographer is a lifelong practice as an artist (painter, drawing) and education in fine art, photography and design, all dedicated to create beautiful photography.


My Style and Philosophy

My work spans two genre’s: fine art photography and event and portrait photography. Sometimes the two meet, as I also do painted digital art portrais. My fine art style is reminiscent of the Impressionists and American painters influenced by them, such as John Singer Sargent, and American Realists like the Wyeths (Jamie and Andrew). Winslow Homer is also a favorite. You will see lots of color and shading to hint at shadows and highlights. My subject matter often focuses on the landscapes that make up our disappearing countryside and the buildings on it—old barns and houses, granaries, mills, windmills, fields of wildflowers and rounded bales of hay. With portraits, Remington, Renoir, and Mary Cassatt influence my work.

My event and portrait photography style is best described as "editorial," "lifestyle," and "photojournalistic," which means I work toward capturing natural-looking portraits and events as they occur. That means that posing will be natural and comfortable for you. When capturing events, my goal is to capture photos that show people and places in the best light for a beautiful result, from graduation parties to portraits.


But Don't You Need a Studio?

As an "on location" photographer, I come to you. I can help you select a meaningful location for your portrait, indoors or outdoors. Making use of natural light in a beautiful setting can help me to create engaging portraits that you will love. We can also incorporate your business, your craft, or your home as a background for your photographs. If you want a classic photo with a backdrop, I can do that too. I have a portable studio that can go with me practically anywhere. If you need more elaborate photos, there are rental studios available. Call 512-856-5525 for information. 


Photography Types—The Other Stuff

As a general-practice photographer, here are a few more types of photography that I do:

  • Headshots for business or online use
  • Environmental portraits (you at work--great for artists)
  • Real estate photography (for MLS listings)
  • Documenting your business and employees (for brochures and web sites) and your products
  • Food and products
  • Automobiles, motorcycles, airplane, or boat photography (with you or without) for vintage cars, specialty automobiles, or that bike you just customized
  • Important events for home, family, or work, such as birthdays, music or dance recitals for you or your children, high school or college graduations
  • Your band or musical group


What I Don't Do

I am not set up for "newborn photography" (which is a speciality), boudoir photography, or wedding photography. I do take pictures of babies, either alone or as part of a family group, but the baby must to be old enough to hold their head up on their own, or be in the arms of their parents.

If you need a type of photography that you don't see here, please contact me. I am happy to give you a referral.

Texas Fine Art Photography

I create photographic works of art to complement your home or office that bring out the beauty and truly unique aspects and beauty of Texas. See my Fine Art category on my website for examples.


Past Experience

  • Journalist and photographer for the US government
  • Feelance and event music photographer
  • Blogger, writer, content producer, convention photography

Other Experience

  • Karen Abrahams Benefit, Dripping Springs, TX
  • DellWorld 2012
  • Healthcare Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) fundraisers
  • Communities in Schools fundraiser
  • Central Texas Bluegrass Association (CTBA) Band Scramble fundraiser
  • Performance of Pippi Longstocking at the Austin Scottish Rite Theatre
  • Multiple concert performances, such as Ray Wiley Hubbard, Danny Santos, Bob Livingston, John Inmon, and more. 

Publications & Awards

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, December 2016
  • Hays County Government Center, Juried Shows, 4 in 2015 and 3 in 2016
  • Fayette County News, Photostory, EMS in Fayetteville, TX
  • Copelands Jewelers Year of Giving Calendar, 2015
  • Austin Society Magazine, Austin, TX
  • Guitar International Magazine
  • CTBA Newsletters
  • DellWorld 2012 
  • Various blogs
  • Blue ribbon first prize in photography at the Texas State Fair
  • First and second prizes, City of Farmers Branch Photography Competitions
  • USDA FNS Newsletter, multiple photos, Washington, DC and Dallas, TX
  • Chris Humphrey, Acclaim Talent, Photo of Actor Musician (http://www.acclaimtalent.com/node/56)
  • 26 Doors, Estes Audiology Website: http://26doors.com/estes-audiology-hearing-centers/ Pictures at bottom of screen, Top row, photo 3, woman at computer; bottom row, photos 1 (group at table), 3 (Reception area) and 4 (Exam office)
  • Picssr: Butler Park, Austin, TX: http://picssr.com/tags/butlerpark/interesting/page4


  • 13 Best Sandwich Shops in Your State: Burro Cheese Kitchen: http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/texas/austin/best-sandwiches-austin/ 

  • Broadview Networks, Emerging Tech Trends in Telecommunications, Blog, by Kathy Miller:https://www.broadviewnet.com/blog/2013/07/emerging-tech-trends-in-telecommunications. NOTE: Photo used with attribution, Flickr.



  • Associate's Degree in Fine Art in Dallas
  • University of Texas at Dallas Photography Program


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